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Since 1972, Food-Tek, Inc. has worked with leading food and toy manufacturers and retailers, licensors and agents, independent inventors and marketers. We provide innovative technological solutions that help bring product concepts to life, and provide support in the production of quality products for retail, food service and industrial applications.

  We stress creative problem solving and product development through the application of innovative technology. In short, we provide practical answers to specific problems.

We work to create the unique technology and formulas - in the process, the product, or both - that deliver your concept.
  Food-Tek is an ideal solution when new product development capabilities or staff time aren't available. For some we function as a complete R&D staff on-call...for others, we're a compliment that enhances in-house resources. But, no matter what assistance is required, our services are available, as you need them...whether it's:  
  Quick turn-around;

Independent creative thinking;

Practical, cost effective, profitable solutions.
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