Unlike independent inventors or laboratories who supply only contracted services, Food-Tek works in partnership with its manufacturing, marketing and inventor clients to develop, and if desired, manufacture, commercially viable new products through the application of scientific discipline, proprietary technology and formulas. Our knowledge of technical feasibility can add the perceptual "magic" that turns a good concept into a great one.
  We offer flexibility, dedication and attention to detail. We can quickly turn around a reply, a sample or a product.

Our past and current client list reads like a Who's-Who of leading local and multinational corporations.

We have developed, invented, and produced products for major toy manufacturers around the world, including:
  Mattel: Harry Potter Edible Activities
Barbie: Secret Spells Barbie, Kayla, and Christine
Hasbro: Easy Bake "Fast Bake" Cake & Cookie mixes / Treasure Rocks
FEVA UK: Magic Cook non-baking cake and food mixes
Toymax: Incredible Edibles / Digimon / Creepy Crawlers
Trendmasters: Dexter's Laboratory Alien Autopsy and Drink Lab
Vivid Imaginations (UK): Marshmallow Maker
Toy's R Us: Candy Time Kits
Humbrol (UK): Beastly Bug Factory
Borras (Spain): Super Chuchelandia, Super Pastelitos
Algara SA de CV (Mexico): Non-Baking Food Kit
Ohio Art: Magic Color Change Spin Art
Tyco: Dr. Dreadful, Princess Potions, Candy Makers; Fashion Magic Compound
Rose Art: Gummy, Lollipop, and Candy Creations; Candy Apple Maker
Prime Time Toys: Young Chef Ice Cream and Cake Makers
  Our work in the food industry is similarly diverse, with significant experience in product development and problem solving:  
  Chocolate and Confectionery

  Dry Mix Manufacturing

Liquid Blending
  Anglia Oils
Aarhus Oilefabrik
Asahi -Kasei
M&M / Mars

Pepperidge Farm
Proctor & Gamble
Quaker Oats
Rowntree Macintosh
Mrs. T's
  Food-Tek's solutions come from years of creative thinking - not only outside of the box, but also the bag, the oven and the mixer.  
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