Our services are available as a complete resource for some. For others, we offer complementary expertise by teaming up with your in-house staff. We can help you achieve quick, cost effective and profitable solutions.
  We design new products;

We reformulate existing products;

We develop and license technology;

We offer on-site manufacturing and packaging;

We provide liaison with domestic and foreign regulatory agencies and related professionals.
  Getting Started: We like to begin by having you visit us in northern New Jersey; approximately 30 miles west of New York City. It gives us a chance to demonstrate the wide range of products we've worked on. It gives you a chance to connect names with faces, and see our brand-new, HACCP-certified, 15,000 square-foot facility.

As soon as we clearly understand the project, we'll give you a written proposal that details our commitment, typically the development of a prototype product:
  That meets agreed specifications

Within the agreed time frame

On a confidential basis

At the price you expect to pay

With interim samples as the work progresses

And - if negotiated - a formula, a manufacturing method, a list of critical control points (if any) and a list of approved suppliers
  Royalty: When our work involves development of proprietary technologies or formulas, we may license it to you in exchange for a fee that’s reflective of our cooperative business relationship.

Manufacturing: Because Food-Tek is committed to product integrity from the bench-top to the box, we have the capability to manufacture the products we develop. This continuing involvement gives us an on-going opportunity to suggest improvements, thereby helping our clients achieve the best results possible.
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